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The Benefits of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

The Benefits of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

People around the world from many different cultures swear by the effects of magic mushrooms. For centuries, the meditative quality of psychedelics has been known to humans. However, they were demonized and banned from research in the early ’70s. Today, they are once again under scrutiny and scientific testing.

From having intense spiritual experiences to solving internal problems troubling you for years, shrooms have been reported to do whatever you want them to. Let’s explore the reason why so many people are microdosing psilocybin.

Instead of going about a regular day at home and work, how would you like to experience everything more?

People who microdose on psilocybin report that they can do dull, everyday things with increased enjoyment and satisfaction. Whether it’s playing with the kids or getting the groceries with your spouse, you will do it all without a yawn!

Microdosing means consuming 1/10th or 1/20th of a typical ‘trip’ dose of a psychedelic substance—in this case, magic shrooms! These mushrooms contain a compound called psilocybin, one of the several different types of psychedelics.

This imperceptible 10-20 microgram dosage will not make you Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, but it sure will benefit you in more than subtle ways.

So, how can a tiny amount of a chemical be so revolutionary and game-changing?

Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Once digested by the body, psychedelics cross the blood-brain barrier and attach themselves to dopamine receptors, making them fire repeatedly. This affects everything from the perception of your five senses to your perception of yourself. Many admit that their world exploded into color, and they saw patterns that they had never seen before. This allows you to experience your reality uniquely, in a way unimagined.

Dissolving the Ego—A Oneness with Everything

One commonly reported experience is the feeling of ‘oneness with everything, which is the root of the spirituality this drug is significantly associated with. With newer research, we know that this happens because all psychedelics can dissolve the ego- our experience of our self. Once we understand that the difference between our inner and outer world is self-created, we can connect more fully with nature.

Improved Mood

Many people gravitate towards microdosing because they want that lift in their mood. Where they felt under the weather every morning, now they wake up with a kick in their step. This sets the tone for their entire day and brings in positivity.

Boost in Creativity

People in creative fields swear by microdosing. On dry days when no ideas are coming through, microdosing psilocybin can open up new avenues. These artists feel a significant surge in creativity and find new inspiration where there was none before.

Psilocybin could take you somewhere completely new, or you may find yourself finally completing and executing the ideas you have had for ages. It all depends on what mindset you’re going in with.

Better Focus

Do you find yourself getting distracted every few seconds by something new? Microdosing psilocybin gives you the kind of focus you always wanted—razor-sharp and unmoving. You can sit down to perform any task, be it work-related or creative, and feel your mind become at one with the job at hand. Many celebrities, musicians, and artists combine creativity and focus on creating their next big masterpiece!

A Cure For Addictions and Phobias

Recent neuroscience studies have reported that shrooms can help you create new neural pathways in the brain. Mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, and phobias tend to strengthen negative thought patterns in your brain, eventually making them the only ones you can access. With shrooms, neuroscientists claim that you can achieve a fresh field of snow to create new thought patterns—the ones that can help you excel in life.

Assuaging Anxiety and Stress

Psychedelics have shown tremendous promise in cutting-edge research in neuroscience science. Researchers find that one total dose of psilocybin can assuage anxiety, depression, chronic phobias, and many other kinds of psychological illnesses. One dose—no other drug shows this kind of results, and, shockingly, it was kept out of medical research for so long.

Microdose on magic shrooms so that you can take advantage of the powerful qualities of psilocybin that can transform your life. Keep in mind setting an intention matters a whole lot—a subject we will get into later.

A Shift in Personality

Because psychedelics create new pathways in the brain that stay valid after the drugs wear off, you may find yourself feeling ‘different’ after the experience. Your set and setting and your intention when taking the drug will decide if the change is for the better or worse.

Spiritual Connections

For some, the experience of microdosing can bring out their spiritual side. These people report a higher level of ‘connection’ to their higher self and heightened senses. This can be especially useful to people who are interested in the mystical and the divine.

Other Benefits

Besides being a fantastic cure for illnesses, psychedelics have many other benefits. For instance, they can incredibly enhance your ability to be creative. Our brains are thought machines that combine the data we perceive in several different ways.

With shrooms, we get the chance to re-perceive and re-combine data that we already have with different conclusions. This could mean solving problems you have been stuck on for ages or changing your negative outlook of the world.

Once you microdose on magic mushrooms, we guarantee that you will never come out the door the same person you went in—it will forever be an experience of a lifetime. Don’t forget to always test your mushrooms before microdosing and use an Ehrlich Reagent testing kit to check for pureness.

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