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8 Dead, Hundreds Injured at Astroworld Fest Friday Night, Hours After The Stampede

8 Dead, Hundreds Injured at Astroworld Fest Friday Night, Hours After The Stampede

Music Festival terminated as investigators work to find out what took place. It took place at the third-annual Astroworld Festival, a sold-out event featuring several acts.

The worst of the event began around 9:15 p.m. when the crowd of approximately 50,000 concert-goers began to move toward the front of the stage, according to Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña.

“The crowd began to push toward the front of the stage, and people began to panic,” Peña claimed.

One video clip circulated of paramedics driving on a vehicle like a golf cart, performing chest compressions on a concert-goer who had fallen unconscious, as 10s of countless spectators continued partying in the background. A couple of concert-goers got on top of the police cars trying to navigate the crowd.

As soon as we started having the mass casualty occurrence, they were beginning to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on numerous individuals, and it took place all at once”, Satterwhite stated.

“It looked like it took place in just a few minutes. All of a sudden, we had several people down on the ground experiencing some heart attack or some clinical episode”.

The majority of individuals transported were in their 20s, Satterwhite stated. “We have parents inquiring about teens,” he claimed. “We’re still working through everything.”

“People Injecting People With Drugs”

Earlier in the day, security safety had confronted individuals without tickets, breaking through barricades and wanting to gain entry to the festival.

“A lot of times, kids do not make the best choices,” Satterwhite claimed, “Since they’re young and excited… I believe it was a lot of people– and passion– to see this artist. I don’t know, and also many bad choices.”

Over 300 people were dealt with at the field hospital at NRG Park throughout the day due to heat exhaustion, alcohol poisoning, and overdoses. The concert ended early “in the interest of public safety and security.”

“No one could have dreamt for this to happen. Yet we’re here, and also, I believe no one must speculate or guess what happened. Nobody has all the responses tonight,” Finner stated. He referenced “reports of individuals injecting people (with) drugs.”

“There is a lot of reports on social networks,” Turner said. “Let me caution people not to buy into the reports. Absolutely nothing is off the table in terms of individuals who were there, people who collapsed, and people who were transported. As far as a crowd surge, every one of those points is being looked at. It’s way too early to draw any final thoughts.”

While Finner joined others in cautioning the general public from supposition, he did confirm reports that a person might have been infused with a needle during the whole ordeal.

A security guard working the festival was attempting to grab or restrain someone during the whole ordeal when he felt a prick on his neck before he lost consciousness, according to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner.

The guard passed out and was treated with Narcan, a drug used to deal with the impacts of opioid overdoses, according to Finner, who concluded that private investigators were still searching for the security guard involved.

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